AGGARWAL DEPARTMENTAL STORE (dba does not return any payments to members for any reason, EXCEPT in the event of a problem on AGGARWAL DEPARTMENTAL STORE (dba end.

Please read the following terms of our refund policy. When registering an account with AGGARWAL DEPARTMENTAL STORE (dba, users agree to the terms and conditions as well as the refund policy. Users can read the whole Terms of Service by clicking this link Terms of Service.

  • Members who have paid in full and then seek to take advantage of a promotional or discount offer are not eligible for a refund.
  • Members cannot terminate their service to purchase a more affordable package. Your IP address is stored on the website, and AGGARWAL DEPARTMENTAL STORE (dba reserves the right to suspend or terminate your account based on this information.
  • Members who no longer wish to use the AGGARWAL DEPARTMENTAL STORE (dba platform will not receive a refund from AGGARWAL DEPARTMENTAL STORE (dba
  • A voucher that the customers utilize for whatever reason will not be refunded in part or whole. As a result, users who cancel their service for whatever reason will not be eligible for a partial or full refund.

CANCELLATION POLICY – We do not support the cancellation of any plan that has been successfully acquired.

Please follow the rules and regulations outlined in terms of usage. If any of these regulations are broken in any way, you will be permanently banned from the AGGARWAL DEPARTMENTAL STORE (dba website, with no refund.